This isn’t a cannonball run. The last thing we want is people chopping the top off crappy old civics and then driving 120mph and crashing into a tree or a truck or falling off a cliff or something.  So in order to make it competitive, and tons of fun, each team will earn points through challenges en route to Las Vegas (aka: Miami of the west). The list of challenges will not be given until the day of the road rally, so teams will have to strategize on the fly. In addition, the Wilcox brothers reserve the right to award and deduct points on impulse or randomly.


So, Joe and I grew up in Northville, Michigan, which is a pretty affluent suburb of Detroit.  We were likely the only kids in the school who got “free/reduced lunch” and our family drove crappy cars….like really crappy cars.  Here are some of the highlights:


The Blue Doored Beast (1985 Toyota Tercel)
This car was white (actually mostly just rust) but one of the doors had been replaced with a blue one.  At the start of each day, we added one quart of transmission fluid.  By the end of the day the gearbox would be slipping badly.  I took a carful of friends to a Grateful Dead show in this one.  It overheated on the off ramp.

1988 Pontiac Lemans
My mom traded Joe’s saxophone for this car.  The rear hatch had been tweaked and wouldn’t seal so someone had filled all the gaps with paper mache.  Great car.

1990 Ford Festiva L Plus
This might be the best car of our childhood.  Important note here that this was the L plus model.  I told everyone that this L-plus version got a hopped up high output motor.  This is the car that taught me what understeer is.

1989 Ford Probe
3 kids in a car with virtually no back seat.  My mom ran a party balloons company using this as the delivery vehicle.  At one party, she opened the hatch and lost an entire order of balloons into the atmosphere.

1993 Toyota Paseo
Classic Toyota 90s light blue..this thing was unstoppable.  Literally zero maintenance ever done to it and it always kept going.  Wait, we did have the exhaust repaired as I remember slipping the guy at the shop $20 to straight pipe the catalytic converter.

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
This one doesn’t fit with the rest, I know.  Our dad had a really good year at the tire store and decided we were going to be ballers.  He even added some rims (3 spoke chrome primax...I know you know what I’m talking about).  This was the only time we ever fit in with the crowd in Northville.

1988 and 1991 Ford Escort GT
Luke’s high school ride was a 1988 Ford Escort (believe it or not it is still in his garage).  This car was pretty much a mustang.  It has sweet ground effects and fog lights and Luke added so much bass.  Luke and Joe’s sister had a 1991 Ford Escort GT.  This car needed two lanes on the highway because it would wander left and right despite steering wheel inputs.

1989 Honda CRX
Joe’s high school ride was a CRX.  It had a tweaked frame but he didn’t care.  We bought a new front crossmember from a dude in Chicago who had so many CRX parts (weird thing was that all of his parts cars had no VIN numbers).  Joe covered the car in punk rock stickers and drove it over lots of curbs.

In honor of these amazing (and terrible) vehicles, we will be awarding bonus points (+400) for any choptop versions of these models.  You don’t have to be specific to the year, but you need to stick to the generation (and actually if you are getting a Festiva, make sure you get the L-plus because it’s much faster).


In addition, there will be bonus points for each of these vehicles:

Non US-spec vehicles (+300)
Anything right hand drive (+500)
Anything wedge shaped (corvette, fiero, Mercury capri) (+300)
Returning choptop with all new team members (+300)
Pontiac Grand Am (must crush at end) (+300)
Truck (+300)
Bus (+500)
Anything turbo (+100)
Diesel (+100)
Previa (+300)
Original Chop Top Previa (owned by Assi and not Chef Desi) (+500)
Isuzu Rodeo (c’mon GRM guys!) (+300)