This isn’t a cannonball run. The last thing we want is people chopping the top off crappy old civics and then driving 120mph and crashing into a tree or a truck or falling off a cliff or something.  So in order to make it competitive, and tons of fun, each team will earn points through challenges en route to a location.


The list of challenges will not be given until the day of the road rally, so teams will have to strategize on the fly. In addition, we reserve the right to award and deduct points on impulse or whim.


Euro Sedan +300 points

Racecar Livery +500 points

Lift Kit with Donk Wheels +1000

A Wet Hot American Chop Top: A Lost Travel Joint Bonus Points

Sliding scale points 1 to 1000 for each category per our whim

Practical points– Add something practical to your Chop Top.  Install a toilet, shower, kitchen, pull-out mattress, etc.  Must not exist previously (we’re looking at you motorhome dudes).

Impractical points– Add something impractical to your Chop Top. These may or may not make your choppy more awesome but must be inconvenient in order to receive points.  No examples here.  We’ll know it when we see it.

Fun points– Add something fun to your Chop Top.  Install water cannons, make your windshield wiper pumps dispense bourbon (see JeepJeep), turn your car into an animal (see ozarknerdz), etc.


Not sure what you want to chop?  Here’s a list for your inspiration.  Choose one of these vehicles for BONUS POINTS!!!


We picked this car simply because we wanted you to see this amazing commercial.

NISAN JUKE +400 Points

We really think these would make an amazing choppy.  The bubbled fenders, “a turbo in a sport cross”… Major dune buggy vibes.

FORD TEMPO +500 Points

More sedans! Also we mainly picked this one because of this commercial.


I got a Caliber as a rental car once.  I remember it being fun to dive….Really think the lines would look good on this one chopped…

TOYOTA PRIUS +750 Points

They can’t all be gas guzzlers…750 points

SMART CAR +2000 Points

We’re serious…Please…someone do this…XTRA XTRA POINTS!!!