The Soggy Biscuts

John Anderson
Dakota Fowler

Instagram @Johnmanderson3

For what car will you chop the top?

Where does your team hail from?
Oklahoma City, OK

Why are you doing something so stupid?
We are both having babies in June and we want one last hoorah!!! And it’s bad ass!!!

What will be your strategy to win all the points?
Do it all, at any cost!

What is your team’s favorite party drink?
4 lokos and Margaritas!

Do you think the Choppy Gods will smile upon us this year?
Well Shit ya!

Is there anything else you would like The Puppet Master to know?
One Cali veteran, one okie redneck. Best buds. Love to party. And we can boogie!

Chop your top! One teammate gets a haircut of our choice!