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Team Members:
Mike, Nick, Joseph

For what car will you chop the top?
MK4 VW Golf

Where does your team hail from?
Mostly Michigan, but also California

Why are you doing something so stupid?
The VolksHacken was no longer reliable enough for the 4 mile round trip to work and back so logic says performance weight reduction and drive it across the country…twice. The better question is how did I sucker 2 other people into this.

What will be your strategy to win all the points?
Do the things, have the fun

What is your team’s favorite party drink?
M-Arnold Palmer, N-Hamm’s or a nice White Russian, J-Doesn’t need to consume food or drink to sustain himself

Do you think the Choppy Gods will smile upon us this year?
A frown is just an upside smile right???

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