The Chop Top Challenge is a road rally where teams compete to get the most points while traveling in a car that they chopped the top off of.


“According to legend, in 2001, Luke Wilcox bought an ’89 Honda CRX that he called The 600, because that is how much he bought it for. At some point, he sold it to his brother Joe (for $900, that’s a $300 profit on his own brother…) and Joe loved it like it was his own for a few years. But Joe fell on hard times. He had to sell it in order to pay for his ridiculous art degree. A friend of Joe’s purchased the car but promised that if he ever sold it that Joe would get first dibs.

When it inevitably broke down and was about to be towed to the junkyard, Luke and Joe simultaneously had the exact same vision from the Choppy Gods. They had always wanted a CRX convertible, so they fixed it and chopped the top off it. It had a windshield for a while until 28 of their comrades got on top of it at West Michigan Honda Meet and smashed the crap out of the windshield. To them, It made more sense to chop that off too rather than replace the windshield, so that’s what they did.

In honor of the Choppy Gods, a proper road trip in the Chop Top made the most sense. Since they were both teachers, Spring Break occurred to them as the best time to do it. Miami, the holiest of car cities, was chosen due to its warm climate, love of exotic vehicles, and epic parties. So they embarked on this pilgrimage. It was the coldest journey they had ever been on. But it paid off when they got to Atlanta. Then it was awesome.”

The Classic Competition:

The Chop Top Challenge is a chance to share this pilgrimage with others. For four years, a bunch of idiots willing to compete in this rally have gathered in Chicago. There are sacrifices and rewards. It is a humbling experience. For any price between $99 – $249, you and your friends can compete in the Chop Top Challenge.

A Wet Hot American Chop Top:

March not your thing?  Does the threat of hypothermia and frostbite scare you?  What about the sun?  We are offering different spins on our classic challenge.  Summer 2020 saw the first camping only outdoors spin on the classic challenge…  Look for these to be a new summer staple in the Chop Top repertoire.